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Alternative Energy

PIDC lab tech working with fluorescents.

PIDC is working with renewable energy and alternative energy companies on fuel cells, hydrogen storage, and battery and luminescence materials. 

Ever- increasing power consumption, environmental concerns and a heavy reliance on foreign oil are driving the need for cleaner, more efficient energy alternatives in the US and China.  PIDC develops innovative materials and nano powder formulations for fuel cells and batteries, so that soon automotive (mobile) fuel cells and fuel cells for stationary power generation will be a reality.

No other energy-generating technology combines the benefits that fuel cells offer, including high efficiencies; high-quality power; flexibility; quiet operation; simplicity (no moving parts), as well as modularity and scalability. These advantages assure superior reliability, easy maintenance and the ability to accommodate specialized applications.  As a result, fuel cells can be scaled to suitably address a wide variety of stationary, portable and transportation applications.

PIDC’s high performance materials are designed to meet the evolving needs of fuel-cell and battery developers.  The company uses its technical resources and laboratories to optimize materials according to individual fuel-cell makers required formulations.

PIDC is a provider of coatings and materials that help make lights work more efficiently and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants. The company’s research team is working to develop and supply new cost efficient coatings and nano powder that allow lights to “burn” or reflect brighter, last longer, and use less energy.  PIDC has a number of new proprietary formulations under development. You can also find our materials in rotors of wind power generators.

PIDC sees a growing opportunity to serve the display materials market, as the industry for displays used in televisions and computers continues to migrate to China. Plasma-based flat screen televisions and notebook computer monitors utilize formulated materials for more intense light transmission.