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PIDC offers a broad portfolio of boehmite materials in its Alumax PB series. 

The materials in the Alumax PB series are differentiated first by dispersibility.  PIDC offers products ranging from the very highly dispersible, binding grade, PB950, to the less dispersible, extrusion grade, PB250A and PB150.  Each class of material is available in a wide range of key customizable, defining properties such as crystal size, pore volume distribution, and particle size.  In addition, Alumax PB series boehmites are available with industry standard purity specifications and can be further tailored to meet your particular application.

Alumax PB series boehmites find use as essential building block materials for the catalyst support, abrasive, coating, binder, additive and refractory markets.  For your application, choose from one of our many standard materials or work with our responsive sales and R & D teams to customize a material suited to your needs.